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17/02/2017: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Miami

IMSTA FESTA MIAMI offers exhibits, panels, master classes, song critiques, demonstrations and more. The event is open for musicians, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers, music students and educators. Admission is free, pre-registration required.

Pianoteq will be demonstrated by sound designer and composer Javier Bermudo. Javier has worked with music and sound effect recreation for Apple, Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO and others. Besides editing and mixing audio for the post production industry, he is teaching piano lessons as well as servicing and repairing pianos in the Miami area.

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02/11/2016: Grotrian Concert Royal released

We are proud to present the Grotrian Concert Royal instrument pack for Pianoteq, authorized by Grotrian. This magnificent instrument is rightly considered to be one of the best grand pianos in the world. We have fine-tuned the Pianoteq model in every detail, resulting in an authentic and joyful instrument with beautiful timbre and breathtaking resonances.

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30/09/2016: Pianoteq Video Contest 2016

The annual Pianoteq video contest is now open! Show the world what you can do with Pianoteq 5 in front of the camera and win up to 400 Euro in value coupons to use in our online store.
Participants who will not win will get a 20 Euro value coupon as a consolation prize.

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08/06/2016: Vintage Tines MKII released

The Vintage Tines MKII for Pianoteq is a gorgeous and extremely playable instrument with 30 exciting presets. The instrument is physically modelled after the famous electro-acoustic piano MKII and is the latest addition to the Electric Piano instrument pack.

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02/05/2016: IMSTA FESTA LA show on May 14th

On Saturday, May 14 2016, IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) will host the 4th annual IMSTA FESTA LA at SAE Institute at 3700 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038. Free admission, pre-registration required.

IMSTA FESTA is open to anyone interested in the art of music making; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by Zachary Calderon who specializes in tailoring original music for motion picture.

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13/04/2016: Harpsichord Hans Ruckers II released

Hans Ruckers II harpsichord for Pianoteq is a superb virtual instrument with authentic sound and response, and it is a joy to play. It is equipped with the three registers - lower 8', upper 8', and 4' - which can be combined in ways not even possible in the real world. Available for evaluation in the latest update 5.6 and as an instrument pack.

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27/01/2016: Modartt releases Model B Grand Piano

The Model B Grand Piano is modelled after a beautiful Hamburg grand piano from the Martha Argerich Edition, a set of 25 grand pianos selected and signed in 2014 by the prestigious pianist for their musicality.

Subtle refinements of the physical model were made, resulting in a noticeably clear tone and astounding dynamics.

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01/10/2015: Hohner Pianet N available

The electro-acoustic piano Pianet N joins the Pianet T, Electra-piano and Clavinet D6 as part of the Hohner Collection, authorized by Hohner.

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