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04/01/2014: MusicTech award for Best Software Instrument
MusicTech award for Best Software Instrument

We are proud to announce that Pianoteq 4.5 Pro has received an award in the category Best Software Instrument, as part of the 2014 MusicTech Gear Of The Year.

"Modartt’s Pianoteq Pro 4.5 is an absolutely fantastic software instrument, combining an intuitive interface with high quality, innovative mathematical approach to generating incredible piano sounds..."

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11/12/2013: Christmas gift

As a Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers, we are delighted to present the Klaus P. Rausch sound design collection which includes 12 exciting presets of Pianoteq instruments.

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20/11/2013: Pianoteq video contest 2013 - the winning entries

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Pianoteq video contest 2013! Similar to last year's contest, we are very happy with the high quality of the videos and for that reason give value coupons of 20 euro each (instead of 10 euro each) to those participants who did not win.

- See the winning entries on the forum | on the website
- Contest rules

01/09/2013: IMSTA FESTA event on September 28

On September 28, at the SAE Institute in New York, it is time again for the yearly IMSTA FESTA event. IMSTA FESTA brings a collection of top music technology companies together in an environment where they can interact with music makers face-to-face. Admission is free but all visitors must register on-line. Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by Julio Herrera. More details

IMSTA Festa 2013
28/06/2013: Piano sound tutorial available
Why does a piano sound like a piano? That is the name of our new tutorial where we step by step explain and illustrate the nature of the piano sound and how to recreate it using physical modelling - check it out.
11/04/2013: Upright piano U4 released

Modartt proudly presents the very first upright piano model for Pianoteq: the U4 add-on. Emphasizing the characteristics of upright pianos, it offers 21 exciting presets demonstrating the versatility of the instrument.

Besides the beautiful timbre of well-built acoustic pianos, there are higher inharmonicity and increased imperfections in presets such as Honky Tonk, Vintage, Detuned, Ruined, Bierkeller, Tacky, Wavy, Weathered, Club...

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11/04/2013: Version 4.5 available

Pianoteq 4.5 includes an updated engine using an improved physical model of the hammer/string interaction which benefits the new U4 Upright Piano and the D4, K1, YC5 and Blüthner Model 1 grand pianos. The timbre variation is now more refined, bringing more intimacy and stronger attack at fortissimo. Included in this new version is a new Condition parameter that allows with a simple click to modify the state of the instrument from freshly-tuned to completely worn-out. The upgrade is free to all Pianoteq customers with a licence of version 4.0 or later.

Download from user area | Download trial version

10/04/2013: Pianoteq at Frankfurt Musikmesse
If you are attending the Frankfurt Musikmesse, take the opportunity to try out a forthcoming upgrade of Pianoteq and a forthcoming add-on at the Tomeso booth 5.1 A60.
24/01/2013: Kawai unveils VPC1 virtual piano controller featuring Pianoteq touch curve

Kawai has announced the VPC1, a brand new piano-oriented MIDI controller developed especially for use with virtual piano software. This professional controller is equipped with Kawai's sophisticated wooden-key keyboard action, featuring grade-weighted hammers, ivory-like key surfaces, and let-off simulation. In addition, the VPC1 also includes a triple pedal unit, detachable music rest, and editor software. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the VPC1 includes a specially prepared touch curve for Pianoteq users, which has been tested and approved by the Modartt team. More details

"Pianoteq is the world leader in fully modelled virtual piano sound, and when controlled by the VPC1 delivers an incredibly expressive playing experience. I believe this great combination establishes a new standard in virtual piano quality."

- Kohtaro Irimura, VPC1 project leader, Kawai Japan

05/01/2013: Survey and contest by IMSTA

IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) invites you to participate in the "Let's Talk Piracy" Survey. Take the opportunity to also participate in their contest with a Pianoteq licence to win. More details.


12/12/2012: Clavichord Neupert add-on released

As a Christmas gift to all our customers, we hereby announce a Neupert Clavichord, based on a "Modell Philipp Emanuel Bach". The clavichord, invented in the early 14th Century, is a predecessor to the piano and to the more recent clavinet. It is a popular instrument for playing music from the Renaissance and Baroque period but can in fact also be heard in modern music such as in recordings by Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, Tori Amos and The Beatles.

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12/12/2012: Exclusive promotional offer to our customers : LACHNIT FLK keyboards

As a Pianoteq customer, you can now make use of the following new exclusive promotional offer, available in the user area: 5% discount on LACHNIT FLK keyboards

The LACHNIT FLK Keyboard is a high quality MIDI Masterkeyboard, developed with passion and love. Each keyboard is hand crafted, assembled and regulated in collaboration with professional pianists. The patented FLK Hammer Lichtsensorik technology provides you the experience of absolute authenticity and superb dynamics, resembling to real grand pianos. The main developer of the Lachnit FLK keyboard, Fritz Lachnit, has more than 10 years of experience in keyboard development for Bösendorfer where he was in charge of the development of the CEUS reproducing system.

12/12/2012: Exclusive promotional offer to our customers : International Piano

As a Pianoteq customer, you can now make use of the following new exclusive promotional offer, available in the user area: FREE one-year subscription of International Piano (digital edition)

In cooperation with Rhinegold Publishing, we give away a FREE one-year subscription (worth £24.99) of the digital edition of International Piano magazine, written for pianists and discerning fans of piano music. Each bi-monthly issue includes interviews with top pianists and rising talents, performance tips, news, features, analysis and comments. You will find exclusive tutorials by concert artists, in-depth articles on piano recordings and repertoire, masterclasses on piano technique, and festival, concert and competition reports from around the globe. Each issue includes free sheet music – often rare or newly released works.

17/10/2012: Pianoteq video contest

Publish your own video on YouTube where you are using Pianoteq 4, such as playing the piano or demonstrating a feature. We will decide and announce 3 winners who will receive up to 400 Euro in value coupons.

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19/09/2012: Blüthner Model 1 add-on released

Authorized by Blüthner, we proudly present the world's first physical model of Blüthner's finest grand piano, widely celebrated for use on the concert stage. The round warm tonal character of the Blüthner Model 1 is accurately rendered by Pianoteq's physical model, bringing sparkling treble notes and powerful bass.

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