Title Composer
Pianoteq 5

Pianoteq 6
What is gained
Sonata No. 20 AndanteF. SchubertD4 IntimateSteinway D IntimateDetail, subtleness
Prelude Op. 32 No. 1S. RachmaninoffD4 Classical Recording BASteinway D Classical Recording BAClarity, dynamics
Taxi For BP. De RidderModel B (customized)Steinway B (customized)Thickness, bite
The Places We KnewPh. BestYC5 HomeYC5 HomePresence, air
JazzrockerK. P. RauschW1 BrightW1 BrightRealism, warmth
D6 Hard StratK. P. RauschClavinet D6 BasicClavinet D6 BasicBass, bite
Rubato to salsaB. JurjevcicVibraphone V-M TremoVibraphone V-M TremoPresence, realism

MIDI and audio files kindly provided by Phil Best, Blaz Jurjevcic, Klaus P. Rausch, Piet De Ridder and the Minnesota International Piano-E-Competition.