The D4, a universal grand piano

This page introduces the D4 grand piano: listen to different styles of music, compare the sound of several presets or discover through our workshops how to come close to a given target sound. All the presets used in these audio demos are built on the same D4 Grand Piano model. This means that these presets are created entirely by modifying the parameters available in the Pianoteq PRO interface. We recommend that you listen to the demos at a volume similar to what you hear when standing next to an acoustic piano.

Listen to Pianoteq D4 Grand Piano in action in various musical styles, from classical and jazz to pop music. Listen also to the beautiful sound characteristics emphasized by focusing on details of the Kreisleriana pieces from Schumann. Some more exotic sounds are presented at the end. All audio examples were recorded with a selection of D4 presets using their default settings and without any post processing, except for the jazz duo and trio.
A grand piano for all music stylesPreset
ClassicalD4 Classical Recording BA
Jazz trioD4 Trio
Jazz duoD4 Duo
Modern JazzD4 Daily Practice
Film musicD4 Cinematic
BalladD4 Jazz Recording BA
BluesD4 Blues
80's PopD4 Player Jazz
JazzD4 Daily Practice
LatinD4 Pointillist
VintageD4 Vintage
Focus on sound detailsPreset
A solid tenor and bass rangeD4 Classical Recording BA
Vivid attacks in staccatoD4 Classical Recording BA
Beautiful color in the soprano rangeD4 Classical Recording BA
Powerful but still musical fortissimoD4 Classical Recording BA
And even morePreset
Honky TonkD4 Super Tonk
Prepared pianoD4 Prepared
Ruined pianoD4 Ruined