Blüthner Model 1
requires Pianoteq 4.2 or higher
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Authorized by Blüthner, this is the world's first physical model of Blüthner's finest grand piano, widely celebrated for use on the concert stage.

« There are only two things which I took with me on my way to America... My wife and my precious Blüthner » Rachmaninoff once said. The Blüthner pianos were also favoured by Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Rubinstein just to name a few. We have surely all enjoyed the Blüthner piano in « Let It Be » by The Beatles.

The round warm tonal character of the Blüthner Model 1 is accurately rendered by Pianoteq's physical model, bringing sparkling treble notes and powerful bass. The instrument is capable of producing everything from tender pianissimos to thunderous persuasiveness, easily matching the orchestra's power as well as intimate moments in a performance. Thanks to the physical modelling, the Blüthner Model 1 offers unmatched playability and versatility, developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding musicians. The newly improved physical model in Pianoteq 6 benefits this instrument even further by bringing more body and soul.

A unique feature in Blüthner's grand pianos is the fourth string for each key in the treble, called the Aliquot system. Its purpose is to create a sympathetic vibrating string that enhances the tone. This feature is included in the Pianoteq model. In the Standard and Pro version it is possible to modify this specific parameter in order to decrease or increase the effect.


Listen to Pianoteq Blüthner Model 1 add-on on a wide variety of music pieces from the classical and blues/jazz repertoire. All audio examples were recorded with a selection of Blüthner presets using their default settings, unless stated otherwise (customized).
Classical demosPreset
C. Gounod - F. Liszt - Valse from the opera FaustB. Studio Recording BA (customized)
D. Scarlatti - Sonata in G major K. 146B. Studio Recording BA (customized)
J. Haydn - Sonata in D Major Hob. XVI 24B. Studio Recording BA (customized)
J-P. Rameau - Les tendres plaintes - Les TourbillonsB. Studio Recording BA (customized)
F. Mendelssohn - Variations sérieuses Op. 54B. Studio Recording BA (customized)
M. Ravel - Alborada del Graciozo from MiroirsB. Studio Recording BA (customized)
Pop/Jazz/Blues/Modern demosPreset
J. Aras - Mike's Bag (excerpt)Blüthner (customized)
L. Davis - Valse GracieuseB. Concert Recording AB (customized)
E. Karran - Forgotten yearsB. Chamber Recording AB (customized)
S. O'laughlin - The Lupine BluesB. Chamber Recording BA

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