Pianoteq 4 Stage

Pianoteq 4 Stage

Pianoteq Stage is based on the award winning physical model, offered in Pianoteq 4 Standard and PRO, praised by many musicians for its close intimacy and responsiveness. Pianoteq Stage includes the same instruments, sounds and playability. All this for an unbeatable price.

The simpler interface in Pianoteq Stage is adapted for musicians who want the convenience of a selection of beautiful instruments for an immediate playing session. It is not for tweaking settings and parameters.

With Pianoteq Stage you are focusing entirely on your playing.

Pianoteq Stage brings the advantages of the Pianoteq physical model, such as:

  • superior playability and expressiveness
  • excellent performance on modern laptops
  • small system footprint, just 20 MB in size
  • installs and loads in seconds

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Pianoteq Stage can at any time be upgraded to Pianoteq Standard or Pianoteq PRO to gain further sophisticated features, such as to tweak the physical model, to load Scala temperament files or to position virtual microphones around the instrument. With Pianoteq Stage, you are not locked to a certain product but have the option to upgrade whenever needed.

Pianoteq Stage supports all Pianoteq add-ons, and if you upgrade to Pianoteq Standard or PRO, the add-ons themselves upgrade automatically at no additional cost.

Pianoteq Stage supports all Pianoteq instruments:

Pianoteq versions comparison table
Includes grand pianos D4 and K1   
Optional add-ons support [1]   
KIViR instruments (free add-ons)   
Preset (fxp) loading [2]   
Audio effects   
Piano model tweaking   
Microphones setting   
Loads external reverb impulses   
Note-per-note edit [3]   
Supports up to 192 kHz audio [4]   
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[1] Optional add-ons are sold separately and can be loaded in any Pianoteq version.
[2] In PIANOTEQ Stage, preset loading is limited to parameters that are present in the interface. Presets built with PIANOTEQ PRO can be loaded in PIANOTEQ Standard without limitation.
[3] PIANOTEQ PRO lets you edit 26 parameters for each note on your keyboard. In PIANOTEQ Standard, you can explore this feature with the volume and the detune parameter.
[4] Internal computation goes up to 192 kHz in the PRO version.