Klaus P. Rausch Collection

Klaus P. Rausch Collection

As a Christmas gift to Pianoteq customers, we are delighted to present the Klaus P. Rausch sound design collection which includes 12 exciting presets of Pianoteq instruments.

Download the collection from the user area.

Please note: each preset will appear with the prefix [KPRAUSCH] under the instrument it is based on.

Dynamic and a couple of floor effects - like it was back in the 70s! This Clavinet provides a ready-to-use sound with Auto-Wah and Chorus, a wide velocity range, wired in the bass, a lot of presence in the mid and even strong in the upper plus a little distortion to make it a bit rough.
Created by using the CL1 model this provides a different instrument character: A electric guitar. Like a Stratocaster that is powered by a valve amp plus floor effects like Compressor and Chorus.
That's a snappy Clavinet timbre, typical for funky tracks. Not too much velocity for a always cutting through sound even when the band ensemble has a brass section and rhythm guitars. Just a bit of Reverb and Chorus effects as general enhancement, but in general rather dry.
A rich and full version of the famous electric Stage Grand. This kind of sound is often used by bands like Survivor or Journey's keyboard player Jonathan Caine.
With Pins tacked to the Piano hammers the sonic result is a rather metallic attack, very nice for Saloon type instruments. Thanks to the fine adjustment options of Pianoteq the velocity controls the metallic intensity.
A kind of replication of the famous Hohner Pianet T electric Piano. This instrument has metal reeds which are plucked by foam pads impregnated with adhesive connected via metal rods to the keys. The resulting sound is rather strong with a cool attack and is used by Saga for the song Humble Stance.
A typical modern Folk Harp used by artists like Andreas Vollenweider. Use Damper Pedal for release notes effects but do not use it for muted strings. Playing the notes forte makes the pluck sound more audible.
A classic Electric Piano sound often used in the 70's and 80's. A bit like the one for the Styx song Babe. Powerful in the bass and mid range and a very nice bell attack especially in the upper range and when playing with velocity dynamics. With glowing Tremolo and Chorus effects. Very nicely playable for ballads but also cool for groove and rhythmic parts.
Sometimes a Mark 1 had hard times when used it on stage and in practice rooms. This Preset demonstrates how it sounds when the hammer's adhesive makes noises when releasing the keys and the distance between tonebar and pickup is rather short. However, it is always kept in tune by the player because each transport ruined the temperament and, as practical aid against bad tuning nightmares, the keyboard player learned to tune the instrument even in a hurry.
This Presets is the right one for Jazz and Lounge music and can be used as solo instrument as well as for ensembles. A clear attack but and a nice barky lower range, not too long decay and a brilliant upper range sound character. Just a very slightly used effects section with smooth room ambience.
A strongly enhanced version of the Wurlitzer electric piano, and a bit like the one Rodger Hodgson used for the Supertramp's Logical Song. Strong attack and very bright when played forte but also pretty nice as softer instrument in piano and mezzoforte dynamic range and using the Damper pedal.
A fantasy sound with a wired character in general and especially in the lower range. Very atmospheric when pressing the Damper pedal. Comes with a strong Chorus effect.

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Klaus P. Rausch

Klaus P. Rausch is a sound designer, musician, producer and author. He has developed and released over 70 sample libraries for several musical instrument manufacturers and his own label. He is involved in synthesizer factory voicing since many years and also works with studio recording, live performance and authoring of books and articles for music magazines. He plays piano, synthesizer, organ, guitar and woodwind instruments.

On the web: www.backintimerecords.de