Video contest

2016 Video contest results

Thanks to all participants

1.jean-louis valero 400 € value coupon
2.pijey 300 € value coupon
3.Naej 200 € value coupon
4.Giwasaki 20 € value coupon
5.Lylo 20 € value coupon
6.Kazimieras 20 € value coupon
7.Studiocat 20 € value coupon
8.Max0602 20 € value coupon
9.tfort 20 € value coupon
10.pedroke 20 € value coupon
11.AKM 20 € value coupon
12.padolfss 20 € value coupon
13.pianokat 20 € value coupon
14.nvasant24 20 € value coupon 20 € value coupon
16.sarmad 20 € value coupon
17.lo134 20 € value coupon
18.Herbert Chembalo 20 € value coupon
19.bijoyt 100 € value coupon
20.mwinthrop 20 € value coupon
21.Bartpic 20 € value coupon
22.keymanpal 20 € value coupon
23.ChopinHandler 20 € value coupon
24.Shomin Anton 20 € value coupon
25.Shadow Pianist 20 € value coupon
26.daniel-carlow 20 € value coupon
27.stamkorg 20 € value coupon
28.dapperdave 20 € value coupon
29.Pianoteqenthusiast 20 € value coupon
30.Gnusmas 20 € value coupon
31.etalmor 20 € value coupon
32.sigasa 20 € value coupon
33.Analyst 20 € value coupon
34.edovergarat 20 € value coupon
35.Falk Kulawik 20 € value coupon
36.berghs.kedjan 20 € value coupon
37.mateusviccari 20 € value coupon
38.Fred Feuerbein 20 € value coupon
39.hstraub 20 € value coupon

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mateusviccari2016-10-29 23:08

Playing Nuvole Bianche from Ludovico Einaudi on Pianoteq 5 standard, using a modified D4 classical BA preset, with mics on the right of the keyboard. There are a few mistakes but i think you can enjoy it anyway.

berghs.kedjan2016-10-21 22:56

Here is my video!
I Play "Romanz" by Sibelius (Op. 24, Nr. 9). I use Pianoteq 5.7.1, Grand Model B Recording 3 (modified), Yamaha Clavinova CLP-150 as midi controller, iMac (late 2009) with Logic Pro X as sound recorder. The video is made with my iPhone SE and all is put together with iMovie (on the same iMac).

pijey2016-10-31 16:25

Imagine ...
Johann Sebastian Bach in CUBA ...
where he meets with Compay Segundo ...
playing his C-minor Prelude --- merging into Compay´s "CHAN CHAN"

scherbakov.al2016-10-30 02:12

Once there in my childhood has turned out better than it is today ....

Shadow Pianist2016-10-29 10:06

Sia - Cheap Thrills transcribed by ear on to the piano by me. I had an amazing time playing this, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing it.
I used the D4 - Classical Recording AB (modified) with a few parameters which have been altered, in accordance with the screenshot at the end detailing the settings in the video itself.
I did use the Demo Mode, in aspiration of the €20 coupon I'll probably get to purchase the whole product later. There are some amazing submissions here, and I hope you just enjoyed mine and since I love the product so much, I'll definitely be buying it later, and using it on all my pieces from then on my small-time YouTube channel for Pop Transcriptions as well as other genre's. I'm just amazed at how a software like this can replicate a fully-fledged grand piano right down to the sound of the sustain pedal. Every fine detail, I am amazed by it, and it is only second to actually being physically present and playing the instrument there.
It's been a pleasure to contribute to the contest, and I wish all the contestants the very best. Let me know your thoughts on my submission! I'd love to hear feedback!

jean-louis valero2016-10-31 02:47

Hello everyone,
one year ago, " Happy Birthday To You " was finally in public domain.
Using Pianoteq and the splendid Blüthner (which was the piano of my beloved music teacher) I wish an Happy Birthday to " Happy Birthday To You " with these improvisations in the style of well known composers, now turning surely in their graves !

Bartpic2016-10-27 10:45

Hi there!
I use Pianoteq for several year but I didn't know about this contest until now. I found the idea really fun so I decided to do my own video!
I recorded an original composition, called La Chute, with Pianoteq 5.7.1 configured with the Blüthner Concert Recording preset (and not "Model One" as we can see in the video). My piano is a Casio GP-300.
I hope you'll enjoy it!


Analyst2016-10-19 01:35

I'm a piano newbie, but I thought I'd participate!
Made with Pianoteq 5 S. Erard from the Kremsegg 1 Collection.
-S. Erard Recording w/Fat bass EQ preset-
Thanks for such a great product!
-Brett Sayles

Naej2016-10-31 13:20

Hey everyone!
I was always looking at the entries the previous years but this time I decided to participate!
I wrote an original piece of music using mainly chromatic percussions:

I hope I'm not the last one, October was really a busy month for me!
For those who are curious about the way I used the W1 and the Electra-piano instruments: I recorded single notes and put reversed recordings of them through some gate.

AKM2016-10-31 17:02

Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 12
Modified D4 preset used.

Shomin Anton2016-10-12 13:12


ChopinHandler2016-10-20 01:01

Greetings, fellow pianists and composers! Here is my submission for the Pianoteq Video Contest 2016. I have a real fondness for the Steinway B which I used to perform this original work entitled "Warsaw by Way of Paris". Enjoy!

Falk Kulawik2016-10-25 20:31

to cut a long story short: piano x3-y /b2

hstraub2016-10-24 21:45

Here is my contribution. It is a slightly bitonal improvisation.

Fred Feuerbein2016-10-18 21:22

Greetings to all competitors and attendants!
Thank you for paying attention to our small contribution!
Vielen Dank und bis zum nächsten Jahr!

Gnusmas2016-10-21 16:18

Hello everyone, and this is my video. I'm playing the first movement of Beethoven's 8th piano sonata (Pathétique) with the J. Broadwood pianoforte (customised) in the Kremsegg Collection 2 within Pianoteq 5 Standard. The diapason is set to 427.47 Hz (one quarter-tone lower than 440 Hz) in order to make the performance closer to Beethoven's period.
The Pianoteq screen in the video shows Binaural but it was finally rendered as audio with Sound Recording mode. I have two mics from a relatively close distance (but not that close) to the piano, one mic as an ambience mic and one under the soundboard.
Hope you'll enjoy it :)

stamkorg2016-10-02 13:56

So, hello everybody, here is my video, I played "Petite ouverture à danser", a nice piece from Erik Satie


edovergarat2016-10-13 01:35

Hi! I'm writing from Santiago, Chile and would like to participate with my little contribution. I fell in love with this piece many years ago and never been able to play it until now (after months practicing, of course...). It's the first section (Sinfonia) of the second Partita for keyboard, in C minor, by J. S. Bach. I'm a Pianoteq 5 user since only a few weeks. I'm using the Blüthner Studio Recording with some slight modifications on action and dynamics. I'd like so much to get a coupon so I can purchase the Hans Ruckers II Harpsichord pack! Hope you like it.

dapperdave2016-10-08 01:12

The video reconstructs an original oil painting, set to original music made with Pianoteq 5 Model B Wide, as credited at the end.

etalmor2016-10-04 21:11

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoy my video. I'm using the plain "D4 Daily Practice" out of the box

Cheers, Eran

Lylo2016-10-31 22:46

Hello, my video for the contest.
Since the last holidays, I don't work the piano so I play a little piece for four hands. I wrote this piece perhaps in 2002 for a student.
For this contest I play with my software Videostudio from Corel, I hope you smile with it. :o)

mwinthrop2016-10-31 02:22

Hi everyone,
My entry is the first movement of Robert Schumann's Piano Concerto in A Minor, performed with two Pianoteq pianos. The video shows me playing the solo and I previously recorded the accompaniment using a midi sequencer, called Qtractor (which appears briefly in the video). I used the Pianoteq D4 piano for the solo and the accompaniment uses the Pianoteq K2 piano. I used two different pianos to provide more contrast between the two parts. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching and listening.

sarmad2016-10-28 19:45

Just a lil improv, titled beyond horizon, I did for the contest. If it wasn't for the contest (and the 20 euros coupon ;)), I probably would never have made this video, so thank you for that. Hope you enjoy it.

nvasant242016-10-31 12:02

Here is my entry for Pianoteq video contest. An improvisation of a theme that came to me a few days after I imagined the waves of the ocean called Melodic waves in C major. Hope you like it

Studiocat2016-10-19 02:56

I thought I would have some fun with the contest this year. I missed out last year due to illness and time in the hospital. One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home was fire up Pianoteq and play some music! I lost some vision capability but fortunately I can use the large GUI in Pianoteq and still navigate pretty well. I rearranged some music I had composed a few years ago. I'm calling this version, "Cold November Sky". I wanted to get an ambient, icy effect from the Harp, so I used Valhalla Shimmer to get a pad-like afterglow.
All of the instruments used were from Pianoteq. Blüthner Piano, Concert Harp and Tubular Bells.
Thanks for watching! -Perry-

Pianoteqenthusiast2016-10-09 13:26

This composition, Dreaming, is slow, peaceful music. Beginning with Gmaj7 and Dmaj7, then it takes different directions and coming back to Gmaj7 and Dmaj7 several times. Tried to create a fanciful experience with warm, soft, sound to match the music, but it is of course a subjective one. Maybe it smoothly reduce stress if you listen repeatedly. Pianoteq Standard, Bluethner Model One. Enjoy.

tfort2016-11-01 06:24

This is my 13 year old son Evan playing an original composition he's working on entitled "Morning Prelude." He describes it is an improvisation in D flat major.
The piano is the Blüthner Model One using the Standard Recording AB preset. The keyboard is an Alesis QS8 (I bought ca. 1996!); connected via MIDI to a Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface to a mid-2007 20" iMac running Pianoteq 5.7.1. Sound production is via inexpensive computer 2.1 monitors; audio/vido recording is directly off an iPhone 7.

P.S. We almost didn't get a chance to submit an entry for the contest as he dislocated a finger a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been able to play.

Kazimieras2016-11-01 00:31

Last minute entry from Lithuania

Music Antanas Bružas,
Video Kazimieras Inčirauskas

lo1342016-10-26 22:36

It is a privilege to participate in the 2016 Pianoteq video contest. A piano transcription of "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson. The challenge in playing this song, I think, is to sustain a gradual build up with the repeated sections, until finally letting it all out at the end, in a small way not unlike Ravel's Bolero. I used the Bluethner Model One preset, my favourite piano. Hope you enjoy the video!


padolfss2016-10-31 02:08

Just recorded my entry for this year. An improvisation of 4 voices around a theme that came to me a few days after a Steve Reich concert (always inspiring).

sigasa2016-10-27 15:57

my video entry 2016
kindest regards,

EDIT: The piece is on of the 'Drie Romanzen' by Schumann. This piece is very special to my wife, Sally and I as I learned it at the tine of Sally's mum's passing. Whenever I play this romance it reminds us both of mum.
I used a tweaked version of the Bluthner Concert Recording AB preset. He piece was recorded in pianoteq and rendered to .wav at 44.100 / 16bit. It's not perfect by any means and I'm not used to doing much recording, but I suppose it doesn't need to be - it just reminds us of mum.

pianokat2016-11-01 08:47

Little Late Entry :( I am very sorry for the late submission, I was working at the University when I learned of this opportunity just today, It was very sudden and dropped everything, went home and started recording, no rehearsals or anything lols. I recorded first Chopin Fantasy Impromptu but due to the limitations of the trial software I did not upload it since it would have probably be a very bad entry since a lot of the black keys are missing. So I came up with this sudden improvisation mostly on the white keys since those are free to use.... I sure wish I had a more normal version to unleash the Chopin in me ;)
About the lighting in the video, a family member fell asleep on the living room where my piano is, and so I had to keep the lights down and use headphones to not disturb him and my family lolz
I have been using and following pianoteq for about a year now, and have always loved the sound and dynamics it produces, it makes my cheap digital piano feel like a grand, I just don't have the current means to buy better versions yet, but always enjoyed its sound even in the limited trial version :)
It was a crazy night, with sudden fast recordings, video editings and uploading, so please, please, please consider my entry :) :) :)

Max06022016-10-25 22:27

Hi there,
I had much fun taking part last year that it felt natural to do it once again. So there it is on a more bluesy note based on famous Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia On My Mind" rendered famous by the great and late Ray Charles.
I used Pianoteq 5 K2 concert with a bit of fine tuning and a touch of equalizer.
Once again Pianoteq top quality engine is responding to the call !

Catch you later

keymanpal2016-11-01 01:21

Some controllers, last minute.

daniel-carlow2016-11-01 00:46

Hi everybody!
My entry to this year's Pianoteq contest is a mellow, relaxed song:

I hope some of you will enjoy listening!

pedroke2016-11-01 00:15

Hi everybody,
Pianoteq Contest has become a tradition, so I am here again. I wanted to make an animation like the last time, but I was very busy and very ill this month, so it will have to remain for the next contest.
Schöne Minka (also known as 'Jechal kozak za Dunaj') is a folk song probably of Ukrainian origin, but was very popular in Russia, Germany and the old Habsburg Empire, so popular that it has both original Ukranian and German lyrics. Many romantic composers made their version of this pretty song, and the most famous are those composed by Beethoven and Weber.
My composition is based on Francesco Bathioli's version (of course, I reinterpreted and extended the variations and added the final campanella). I hope you'll like it.
I used Steinway piano, classical recording preset, but changed some parameters looking for a darker sound - for that I called it Steinway Hamburg.
Best luck to all of you.
Les plus cordiales salutations à tous les amis francophones. Y también muchos saludos a mis queridos hispanohablantes.
The link:

bijoyt2016-10-30 11:18

Hello everyone, here is my entry for the contest.
I'm playing Frédéric Chopin - Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 in C Sharp Minor.
What you are hearing is the blended sound of 2 instances of Pianoteq (which I could do with the help of my DAW) - the first one with a modified "Playel Recording" preset and the second one with a modified "D4 Impressionist" preset. The modifications are mainly on the velocity curves, voicing and effects (such as reverb).
I hope you enjoy this one!

Best Regards,
Bijoy Thangaraj

Herbert Chembalo2016-10-31 01:27

Hi to all!
Use Pianoteq since August 2016!
My Video was made using a Nikon D5100 camera,
Sound comes from Pianoteq 5 STD Piano D4 Daily Practice running on a simple Windows 7 Notebook from 2009
MIDI Keyboard Casio Privia PX-330
Hope you will enjoy my selfcomposition and my (very first!) Video on YouTube!

Giwasaki2016-10-30 07:29

Hello Pianoteq users, this is my entry to this year's Pianoteq Video Contest.
This composition was written back in 2013, originally for piano and Cello. The piece was arranged for piano and Bass Clarinet. It was performed, recorded and filmed specially for the ocassion. I have had the honor to have Marco Mazzini joining me for the recording session and I could not be happier with his performance. Just a great musician to work with!
The piano and Cello version of this piece was featured on my 2015 solo album entitled "The Journey of Life", in which I am also using Pianoteq 5 as my main piano sound source, which you are also welcome to check out if you happen to like my music (I actually used Pianoteq throughout the entire album!).
Greeting from Lima, Peru,
Gabriel Iwasaki.