Video contest

2018 Video contest results

Thanks to all participants

1.davidizquierdo82 148 votes 400 € value coupon
2.Pianoten 121 votes 300 € value coupon
3.idave 119 votes 200 € value coupon
4.LuckyC 108 votes 20 € value coupon
5.oliver 104 votes 20 € value coupon
6.berghs.kedjan 98 votes 20 € value coupon
7.milux 94 votes 20 € value coupon
8.bernard 84 votes 20 € value coupon
9.Bartpic 80 votes 20 € value coupon
10.Tablabroke 73 votes 20 € value coupon
11.kutibotond 72 votes 20 € value coupon
12.mitsubamushi 72 votes 20 € value coupon
13.Beco 65 votes 20 € value coupon
14.noone99990 61 votes 20 € value coupon
15.Piano85 48 votes 20 € value coupon
Total: 1347 votes

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kutibotond2018-10-31 12:23

Pianoten2018-10-22 14:50

Hello I'm a 23 year old hobby pianist and would like to share what i practiced over more than 6 months. This piece was so freaking hard to record without mistakes and it took me over a week alone to record it. It is nothing classical so i hope you still enjoy it. I used the Blüthner model one AB preset for this.
Original song: Beatmania XDII - Redzone.

berghs.kedjan2018-10-30 21:49

This years entry is a quite short improvisation (it's much easier to listen to something short, isn't it?).

mitsubamushi2018-10-27 14:44


Piano852018-10-17 20:00

Hi, I made a dark Hip-Hop Trap Beat with some "live" playing for the contest. The Live Playing uses the new Petrov.
I started making Hip-Hop and other type Beats some month ago as a method to analyze the favourit music of my pupils. Sometimes I mix it with classical Themes to show them, that classical music is timeless and can still sound modern. In this case I took some Parts from Rachmaninovs Piano Concert No. 2. I hope you enjoy it.
(Sorry for the Filmquality, Its filmed with my Handy, I hope its in sync with the sound. Use Headphones for the quit piano parts and the low end of the subbass)

Tablabroke2018-10-28 05:06

This is a freely improvised, more-or-less tonal piece that moves through a series of harmonically restless modulations and a steady, gentle tempo to evoke a mood of nostalgia and longing. However, as the music progresses, you'll hear this mood of nostalgia gradually take a much more tragic form, as the piano slowly dies beneath my fingers.
Title: On sweet nostalgia's dying breath, a strange and mournful sound condensed.
Instrument: Pianoteq Steingräber Recording 2
DAW: Logic Pro X
Video editing: iMovie
Performed, edited and realised by Tablabroke.

Thanks for listening to my piece.
PS: No pianos were harmed in the production of this recording.

noone999902018-10-07 11:52

My Chopin cover was done too early so I'll take this crazy Kpop cover instead. I think it has a good mix of delicate parts, powerful bass, and some virtuosity or technique. Done on Steinway D Classical Recording BA (in my opinion has the most powerful bass and great reverb plus overall sound). Enjoy the audio and visuals, I put so much love into editing this!

milux2018-10-31 10:25

Hi there!
Here's my entry. Hope you'll like it and vote for me ;) I really had fun experimenting with the possibilities of Pianoteq and would like to get a coupon for the whole version!
Special thanks to EvilDragon for the U4 preset, and to hazenut and Microtuning-VI for helping me with microtuning issues.

davidizquierdo822018-10-23 10:36

This is a completely improvised cover of "Bella Ciao", hope you like it :)

Bartpic2018-10-29 10:06

This my entry for this year's contest. It is a cover of the track "Tierce Personne" composed by Guillaume Ferran for the short film "La Science de l'Amour" released this month by the french video maker Cyprien. I used 3 different instances of Pianoteq 6 (Blüthner) with no external effect. It required a bit of sound design to recreate the cinematic sound of Guillaume Ferran's music.
I hope you will enjoy it!

LuckyC2018-10-28 18:43

Here's my entry, a cover of Shakey Graves' song "The Donor Blues"!
Pianoteq Stage 6 model: K2 mix recording
Vocals recorded with Lewitt LCT 550

Beco2018-10-27 22:49

Hi folks,

In this video I decided to make a comparison of the piano not to choose just one midi file with different pianos, but to choose one piano (Petrof model) with different types of music, styles and characteristics.
I shared the same idea with one of the members here (Beto-Music). A really good piano should sound nice with any kind of music styles, classical, jazz, pop..... and feeling I am not alone in this idea, I made this video for comparison.
What does really make a great piano?
I believe that when you have a good instrument, it should sound the best as possible, regardless of the taste. Of course, some prefer brighter and other darker ones, however, any choice of your taste the sound should be great.
For this reason, I decided to make that comparison.
Let's take this little journey and see what you think.

Thank you for watching and best regards.

oliver2018-10-29 23:07

Hello everyone :)

It's a piano/vocal version of one song, "Heroes Arise", of my band "Unknown Hunter". Usually we play metal, but for this contest we covered ourselves on a Pianoteq Bluethner.
Played on a barely modified Bluethner Recording AB Preset on my very first Yamaha epiano.
I hope you like listening to the song as much as we enjoyed recording it!
Best regards,

bernard2018-10-30 20:15

here is my entry
Piece of music composed for my participation, I only used Pianoteq instruments,
the Steingraeber piano, the Harp Concert that became unrecognizable and two MKI electric pianos, one for the bass (Bamboo), modified, and one for the dialogue with the Steingraeber in the second part, also modified in lead synth (organish)

idave2018-10-21 22:39

W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto N°23 - Adagio in A Major, K. 488 - Pianoteq Pro - Tomplay
A few weeks ago I saw a movie documentation about Clara Haskil "The Performer's Enigma". I heard the wonderful theme of this piano concerto and I knew immediately, that I wanted to try to play this piano concerto. Fortunately, I found the piano notation and the orchestra accompaniment in Tomplay (Tombooks).
I used the beautiful Blüthner of Pianoteq and customized it to my taste.
I hope you like it! Thank you!