2015 Video contest results

Thanks to all participants

1.Lylo 111 votes 400 € value coupon
2.Ioannis Pane 96 votes 300 € value coupon
3.Beco 64 votes 200 € value coupon
4.pijey 60 votes 100 € value coupon
5.Giwasaki 57 votes 20 € value coupon
6.sadaoikebe 54 votes 20 € value coupon
7.scherbakov.al 48 votes 20 € value coupon
8.AKM 45 votes 20 € value coupon
9.pedroke 44 votes 20 € value coupon
10.lo134 42 votes 20 € value coupon
11.keymanpal 33 votes 20 € value coupon
12.pianopartage 32 votes 20 € value coupon
13.mwinthrop 32 votes 20 € value coupon
14.Thomas Edholm 31 votes 20 € value coupon
15.martinvandijkhuizen 30 votes 20 € value coupon
16.daniel-carlow 27 votes 20 € value coupon
17.stamkorg 27 votes 20 € value coupon
18.kdoyeon 23 votes 20 € value coupon
19.surlaroute 23 votes 20 € value coupon
20.Joris van de Kerkhof 22 votes 20 € value coupon
21.padolfss 22 votes 20 € value coupon
22.hallgee 21 votes 20 € value coupon
23.berghs.kedjan 21 votes 20 € value coupon
24.fntms 18 votes 20 € value coupon
25.Pianoteqenthusiast 18 votes 20 € value coupon
26.NathanShirley 17 votes 20 € value coupon
27.KING4 2DAY 17 votes 20 € value coupon
28.musichoo 17 votes 20 € value coupon
29.Fred Feuerbein 16 votes 20 € value coupon
30.Max0602 12 votes 20 € value coupon
31.hstraub 9 votes 20 € value coupon
Total: 1089 votes

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fntms2015-10-08 10:28

Here's mine:

Pianoteq's dynamic sound and rich resonance make this beautiful piece a joy to play.

Beco2015-10-29 21:38

Greetings to all,
Here I am talking and demonstrating the differences of 5 pianos types from Pianoteq 5. To show this differences I am playing excerpts from a variety of composers and at the end I played the entire piece by Villa-Lobos: Polichinelo.
I choose some specific instrument that fits better for each composition. It is just a great feature of Pianoteq and the playability is wonderful.
For Bach - K2/ for Beethoven - Broadwood / for Chopin - Pleyel / for Blüthner model 1 - Rachmaninoff and Brahms / for the Steinway D4 - more Chopin and Debussy.
At the end with Villa-Lobos I change between two piano (Steinway D4 and Blüthner model 1), so you can figure out what is better.
I just downloaded a demo version, but a friend rendered the midi files for me, so we can listen all the notes.
Hope you enjoy!

Best Regards

berghs.kedjan2015-10-06 22:17

I've got some time by my self tonight and what to do if not a Pianoteq video?
I must admit that this was fun to do... I hope You will enjoy watching it as much as I did doing it!

pianopartage2015-10-15 10:43

Hi everybody,
Mario's hardly playing with his gloves :

All videos on my YouTube channel are performed on Pianoteq 5 !

Pianoteqenthusiast2015-10-23 15:04

I am using some other instruments alongside Pianoteq (bass, french horn, trumpet, flute and drums), keeping focus on how excellent Ptq works especially with wind instruments, and trying to get beautiful harmony, with Ptq purposely in the foreground. Got ideas from Jordan Rudess ”Harmony explored”. For me, Ptq is the best thing anyone has done when making pianosound. Thank you for listening.

AKM2015-10-29 19:40

F. Chopin — Valse Op. 64. No. 1
F. Chopin — Nocturne Op. 48 No. 2
F. Chopin — Etude Op. 25. No. 9
Performed by Andrei Kuznetsov

Giwasaki2015-10-31 23:17

Hello Pianoteq Users and/or world,
This is my entry for the Video Contest for 2015! I am using the Pleyel Model, which was Chopin's favorite Piano Brand :) I hope you like it.
Greetings from Lima -Peru

surlaroute2015-10-29 06:39

my goodness, how do I even dare compete with lo134's post above… one of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite movies performed so passionately… that really threw me off posting my own effort! Maybe I can hope for 2nd or 3rd place lol… would love to get that Bluthner add-on!
Anyway, I've been trying to do the Youtube thing since around the middle of the year - always using Pianoteq of course - and only recently got the hang of syncing up my video and audio recordings… this is my favourite of my latest session, I hope you like :)


scherbakov.al2015-10-21 00:58

А. Скрябин. Этюд op.2, №1.(Kawai vpc1 - Pianoteq 5.4.2)
Another version of Scriabin etude))

Ioannis Pane2015-10-29 10:42

I use pianoteq for all my projects and performances.
This is a live performance and it was recorded on 22 October while I was broadcasting live from my studio.
I hope you like it.

padolfss2015-10-27 21:51

Pianoteq is an incredible piece of software that has made it possible for me to musically connect intimately with an electric piano for the first time. I'm very happy to add my modest contribution to the large body of evidence already present on youtube.
This improvisational piece in Eb Major is rather uniform but it shows how amazingly well Pianoteq handles a piece with lots of pedal. Perhaps one of you might even listen to the very end :-).

keymanpal2015-10-31 19:26

Haken Continuum meets Pianoteq Concert Harp

musichoo2015-10-30 15:04

This is my video performing A Comme Amour.

pedroke2015-10-28 04:18

I am new here and this is my first post. And also this is my first composition made with Pianoteq - I used the demo version.
I like very much old pianos and specific old pianos and Pianoteq has a lot of them - my favourites are Bechstein and Pleyel. I hope Pianoteq will introduce more old pianos like Gaveau, Brüder Mikula etc.
I tried to obtain the sound of a concrete old piano from my school that I remember very well and will tell you more about it in one of my subsequent posts - I think I was almost there except a somewhat more wooden nuance that I still don't know how to produce with Pianoteq.
Please consider both the composition and the animation as a sketch and as an interpretation. I hope you will like both.

KING4 2DAY2015-10-31 22:50

No virtuoso stuff from me, but this is how (just started to) use pianoteq...

(by the way: I love the idea of this contest.)

Max06022015-10-22 20:46

Hello There,
Well I purchased PIanoteq Stage a few months ago and I am genuinely amazed by the performance and the quality.
As I was messing about with the CP80 and the effects, I thought about this great tune form Portishead (Glory Box) sampled from the great Isaac Hayes !
Then I got a bit carried away and put together a quick piece. Hope you'll enjoy it.


sadaoikebe2015-10-26 05:36

I purchased pianoteq 5 stage and a Kawai keyboard last week.
My mom played this song for me.
I love this song which reminds me hope and love.
I will practice piano and wanted to be a pianist like her.
Hope you enjoy and feel happiness.

She agreed to be in this contest.

lo1342015-10-27 22:57

A piano arrangement for the song "And When She Danced" by David Foster. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you.

hallgee2015-10-27 17:17

Decided to submit a recent live online concert video of mine that did not have too many mistakes :) . Been using Pianoteq 5 for about six months with a Yamaha Grantouch ca. 2000.

stamkorg2015-10-26 21:16

Here is my video for the contest, just for the fun, I am not a high level pianist and only play for my pleasure.
There is just a mistake, the sound is Bluthner model one BA and not AB ;)

Joris van de Kerkhof2015-10-31 20:37

My entry for the contest. Sorry about the lame video, my camera died on me :S.

hstraub2015-10-31 12:57

Here is my contribution. Pianoteq 5 trial version, D4 classical recording BA. Controller is M-Audio Keystation p88 pro.
i use the retuning functionality of Pianoteq, namely a subset of 17-equal. 17-equal tuning supports neutral seconds and thirds, making it possible to play approximations of oriental scales. A few of these appear in the piece.

Fred Feuerbein2015-10-07 22:21

Hello cracks,
here's my contribution to the annual pianoteq-contest.
I'm not after winning any price, I almost comprehend it as a good old tradition.
Hope, you'll like it.

kdoyeon2015-10-26 03:48

Hi, here's my video for the competition !
The music is Chopin Etude op.25 n.2
I'm using the D4 Daily Practice with Clean Studio effect on a Roland FP-4
Hope you'll enjoy !

mwinthrop2015-10-31 02:58

Hello everyone. For my entry, I recorded Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 5. I hope you like it. Thanks!

pijey2015-10-31 17:54

Here´s a new Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Improvisation with Pianoteq Rhodes and Blüthner emulations in a melange of pop, jazz and classic styles.

Saludos from Mexico.

Lylo2015-10-31 22:53

Hello, as the last years my entry 2 hours before the end of the contest :)
Etude N°12 Opus 10 "Revolutionary" Frédéric Chopin.

daniel-carlow2015-11-01 05:32

Hello Pianoteq users,
this is my entry for the video contest 2015. Just a little late-night improvisation on a well-known harmony which really was fun with Pianoteq 5.
I am using a customized version of the "D4 Jazz Recording AB" preset. The impulse response used for the convolution reverb is the St. Nicolaes Church.
Hopefully some of you like it. :-)

Thomas Edholm2015-10-28 20:59

Here is my video for the contest.
I wrote this song recently and made an effort to put in some variation. Jazz parts in swing rhythm are mixed with more ballad style parts.
I used the "D4 Jazz" setting in Pianoteq 5, and recorded the audio in Logic.
I hope you enjoy it! Cheers. /Thomas

NathanShirley2015-11-01 09:06

And here is mine:

martinvandijkhuizen2015-10-16 13:19

A year a go I bought this piano and PIANOTEQ. In april I also bought a guitar. I know I'm just a beginner but I just want to share the pleasure of playing music.
This piece is based on the folksong Saint James Infirmary Blues. First I play the sheet paper of Gerald Martin and then I take my first steps in improvisation.